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5 Effective Thought Leadership PR Tactics For Your Startup

True thought leadership aims to engage your audience by providing valuable information and points of view in your field of expertise. A company’s thought leadership is more reliable than its marketing materials because an effective thought leadership approach has the power to affect consumer perception and purchasing decisions.  With effective and valuable thought leadership content, […]

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How Early You Should Start Looking For A PR Partner For Your Startup

Public relations (PR) refers to building a beneficial relationship between an organization and the public. The strategy is to use media channels to gain a positive perception of your business from the public. Also, it includes managing and disseminating communication for the organization in order to protect the image. PR is somehow related to branding; […]

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Key Points To Pay Attention To When Choosing A PR Firm For Your Startup

Given how fierce the competition is in every industry, expanding brand reach and building a reputation is a challenge for a new business owner. You can find many ideas on Google to gain momentum in a field. However, it will not be easy for you to implement those ideas while also focusing on other startup-related […]

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Why A PR Strategy Is Essential For Startups And How To Make It A Success?

Are you wondering how to recruit investors to your startup? Or, despite your excellent products/services, you’re not receiving enough customers? If so, all you require is a PR plan.  Public relations will not only increase the visibility of your company but also help it grow in ways you never thought were possible.  Read this article […]

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Eight Communication Tactics To Become A More Reliable Business Partner

The business world is built on cooperation. This might not be obvious to the general audience, as famous entrepreneurs are often presented as if they are completely standalone personalities. But in reality, I’ve found everybody in business is constantly looking for reliable long-term partnerships with clients, contractors, partners, employees, colleagues, bosses or investors. Building a […]

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Why PR Matters for Emerging Tech Companies

The term PR refers to a company’s public relations. But the field of PR involves much more than just public relations. It includes everything between the company and its customers or clients.  Emerging tech companies must adopt effective PR strategies to ensure a smooth business flow. This article will discuss all there is to know […]

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A Beginner’s Guide To Public Relations For Tech Startups

Public relations or PR is an important tool for tech companies. Several problems can be solved and many benefits can be availed if a proper PR strategy is applied. If you are a tech company looking for more information on how you can use PR to your advantage, you are at the right place. Today […]

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Hate and Loathing in Pitching: How Not to Look Miserable in Journos’ Eyes

A few dos and dont’s when it comes to pitching to journalists. Tech companies need mass media coverage to win new customers and grow loyalty of their current client base, attract investors, partners, and talent. But pitching to journalists isn’t an easy job even though some founders think so. Honestly, it’s more of a hot […]

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How to Showcase Your Expertise and Become a Thought Leader

If you are interested in becoming a thought leader, you have to put the effort in. Here are some tips you can use to attain thought leadership in your industry. A thought leader is an individual who can guide, influence and inspire their peers based on their expertise, experience and unique perspective. Thought leadership is natural to many entrepreneurs, […]

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Why Bots Will Not Replace PR Agencies Anytime Soon

You’ve heard the story again and again. Artificial intelligence (AI) will replace journalists. AI will replace authors. And now, AI will eventually replace PR agencies. But how close are we to a world where automated services can replace everything a PR agency does? Is that even possible? PR services come down to several elements. Proper PR […]

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Why Entrepreneurs Should Not Be Their Own PR

Startups should definitely do PR, but doing it themselves may be a bad idea. A startup, just like any other company, should do PR — it can pay off big by attracting new customers, partners, investors and talents. In general, founders realize the impact of communications on their businesses, but some of them still consider being […]

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