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Hi! Here is the pre-launch checklist for your future PR campaign 🚀

Check whether you are ready to commit while we are looking into your request.

  • functioning or launching a service or product 
  • short and clear description of what you do and how you differ from your competitors
  • clear mission, vision, and key messages
  • consistent tone of voice throughout your digital channels
  • marketing or press kit, including “about” or bio section on your website
  • high-quality professional headshots of your C-suite and short bios about them
  • current social media profiles of your spokespersons
  • readiness to share some information and numbers

Why PR? 🤔

PR is a process of communication that builds mutually beneficial relationships between companies and their audiences.

Communication is everything that has to do with reputation. It presents to the public the result of what you do, making people aware of and talking about you.

That is why we believe that PR is such a powerful tool and that is why we do it 👉😎👉

PR Goals 

PR helps to build trust and shows your potential investors, customers, or employees reasons to take you seriously.

The primary objective of PR is to communicate key messages of the company to its target audience. The main, but not the only, channel to do this is media coverage.

What to expect from PR

  • introduce your product or service to the target audience
  • increase brand awareness 
  • attract new customers or partners
  • raise funds
  • build your HR-brand and make your company more attractive to job seekers  
  • create a positive personal brand for the founder

What not to expect

PR is not about instant results. Think of it as a marathon, not a sprint. It informs, creates a certain image, fosters interest and wins loyalty in the long term. A good reputation is not created “here and now”.

PR is not the major sales driver. However, it contributes to increased sales, acting as a marketing effort multiplier. Also, media publications generate additional and relatively inexpensive traffic to your website.

What do Tier-1 and Tier-2 refer to in our PR packages?

Tiers are evaluated on the basis of unique monthly visitors (UMV) and the industry weight of a publication (based on citations, direct and back links, etc.). For Aeris PR, Tier-1 (a.k.a. top tier) starts with 1 million impressions per month.

We also consider the domain authority. Calculated by an algorithm, DA predicts how well the website will rank on the search engine result page. In PR terms, it ranks media authority on a scale from 1 to 100. For Tier-1, the DA falls above 80.

Tier-2 readership numbers are lower, but never less than 50k UMV. Tier-2 outlets have a DA score of 60 to 100. The majority of placements happen exactly there, resulting in a large audience outreach.

Additionally, Tier-2 is a great opportunity to target a more specific audience, with a higher percentage of readers that your message may be relevant to.

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